The Maximzer

            The Maximizer is a very useful and not well known concept that we believe you will take an interest in if:

            -you like the concept of nearly DOUBLING the returns of the S&P 500 index, and

            -you want to principally protecting 90% of your money from downturns in the stock market every year.

            As a general statement, the crossover point when comparing investing in the stock market in mutual funds/stock vs. growing wealth with The Maximizer is 15%. In other words, you would have to consistently earn 15% or more each year with your actively traded stocks and mutual funds in order to beat the returns of The Maximizer.

            99% of the people reading this will not have consistently earned 15% or more a year in their actively traded accounts (which was proved true with the DALBAR study indicating that from 1988-2008 the average investor earned only 1.87%).

            In addition, an actively traded brokerage account has NO principal protection unlike The Maximizer which principally protects 90% of your money each year.

            To view/listen to an educational presentation on the Maximizer, please click here or on the picture below.

            To discuss how The Maximizer can be used in your financial plan (which included money in your brokerage account, CDs, bank accounts as well as your IRA and qualified plan money), please feel free to contact our office at wealthplanner@earthlink.net or (702) 873-5555.

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