Guaranteed Returns with a Guaranteed Income for Life

           Thank you for your interest in the 7% return (accumulation value) FIA product that is coupled with a guaranteed lifetime income you can never outlive.

           The concept of using tools to provide a guaranteed lifetime income stream is more important than ever in a time when the stock market has been down 46% (2000-2002) and 59% (2007-March 2009).

           We understand clients are worried about running out of money in retirement and for many clients the answer to this problem will be using a Fixed Indexed Annuity with guaranteed income for life benefit.

            To learn about one particular product that returns a compounded 7% for the "accumulation value" (which is more fully explained in the presentation),  please click here or on the picture below.

            8% return (accumulation value) FIA product

            With this unique product, your initial account balance using a $100,000 deposit would be $110,000.  In 10-years, the guaranteed account balance used to calculate your guaranteed annual lifetime income stream would be $216,387, and in 20-years the account balance for income purpose would be $425,665).

            To request information on a FIA that returns 8% return (for up to 20-years) coupled with a lifetime income you can never outlive (that also has a 10% up front premium bonus), please contact us at wealthplanner@earthlink.net or (702) 873-5555.

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