Estate Planning Introduction


            (For "advanced" estate planning for clients with estates over $2,000,000, please click here). 

            Do you think your estate plan is in order?   


            Many people think that because they have an attorney and an accountant/CPA/EA they work with that the answer is yes.  That may not be the case.


            Many people know their estate plans are NOT in order but believe they are too busy and that they will get to their estate plan “when they have the time.”  If you have been saying that to yourself, please act now to put an estate plan in order.  

            To view/listen to a brief educational presentation on basic estate planning, please click here or on the picture below.



          Estate planning itself is a very broad topic and cannot be covered in an introduction web-page. Therefore, we have listed the topics that need to be covered in an estate plan which you can click on to read more about.  We encourage you to surf this site to learn more about estate planning and hope you will contact us to help put together a complete plan that covers not only your estate plan but also your asset protection plan and financial plan.


            -Life Insurance


            -Life Settlements

            -Long-Term Care Insurance


            -Charitable Planning


            While the above is not an exhaustive list of topics that need to be discussed in an estate plan, the material covered on this site should give you a feel for whether your estate plan is in order.  


            If your estate plan is not in order and you would like help from our firm and its affiliate partners, please feel free to contact us at wealthplanner@earthlink.net or (702) 873-5555.

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