Advanced Design Center


             Our firm has access to a one-of-a-kind “advanced” design center that no other firm in our area has access to. 


            The term “case design” simply means that our firm, with the help of outside team members if needed, outlines in detail the proper aspects of a plan to help clients with asset protection, income, capital gains or an estate tax reduction plan, and retirement planning.


            As stated in other parts of this web-site, no one advisor or advisory team can have all the answers to all their clients’ questions or needs.


            The design center is most beneficial to clients who make more than $125,000 a year in income or have estates of $2,500,000 or more


            What makes the design center unique? Several things:


            1) The design team is headed by Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CWPP™, CAPP™, MMB,™ Founder of Family Wealth Planning, Inc. (The WPI), Co-Founder of the Asset Protection Society, and author of Retiring Without Risk, The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide, The Home Equity Acceleration Plan, and The Home Equity Management Guidebook.


            2) The design team is also made up of The WPI educational board which has on it some of the top exerts in their fields (Jim Duggan, JD, MBA, Tim Berry, JD, Gregory Brown, JD, to name a few).


            3) The design team is NOT housed at an insurance company, IMO, GA, or broker dealer. This is key because such design teams usually are self interested to “sell” or “push” products sold by said companies (thereby limiting their ability to do what is right for the client).


            4) One of the main things that differentiates our Advanced Case Design team apart from all others in the country is that the advisors on the team know the many unique “advanced” tools that others are not familiar with. There is NO other advance design center/team in the country that is familiar with IDGTs, GRATs, SCINs, International Planning, Captive Insurance Companies, Freeze Partnerships, The Super 401(k) Plan, Cash Balance Plans, 412(e)3 plans, Carve-Out planning, Qualified Pensions Insurance Partnerships, Retained Earnings Rescue, Special Non-Profit Deferred Compensation, SERPs, ESOPs, Life Settlements, Reverse Mortgages, Equity Harvesting, Home Equity Acceleration, Premium Financed Life Insurance, and the list goes on and on. 


            It is one thing to say you have an advanced design center and it’s another to know that your design center is hands down the best in the industry and the ONLY one that truly deals with “advanced” planning.


            If you believe you need the services of our advanced design team to help you grow and protect your wealth, please feel free to contact us at wealthplanner@earthlink.net or (702) 873-5555 to set up an appointment.

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